Omorovicza Queen Cream Review

Omorovicza Queen Cream Review

Omorovicza Queen Cream is part of the Queen collection recently launched by the skincare brand Omorovicza. The product is a day cream as well as a primer that deeply moisturizes the skin. In addition, Omorovicza Queen Cream also has the anti-aging ability, evens the skin tone, and protects skin against harmful agents from the external environment.

Omorovicza Queen Collection Review

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Key ingredients
  • Complex of skin oils: In Omorovicza Queen Cream, there are 7 essential oils that are very good in the skin. The most prominent of which is borage seed oil, which locks in moisture, stimulates skin cells to produce ceramide – a substance that enhances the skin's ability to protect itself; Evening primrose oil is rich in Vitamin E for anti-oxidants; Flaxseed oil helps to increase skin elasticity.
  • Microalgae helps strengthen the skin's protective layer against harmful agents such as pollution, smog and UV rays. In addition, microalgae also contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, which have a very good skin-nourishing effect.
  • Omorovicza's Patent Healing Concentrate ™ – The Omorovicza brand's exclusive formula helps bring back youthfulness to the skin.
Omorovicza Queen Cream Review

Omorovicza Queen Cream has a thick texture and has a pink color. When applied to the skin, you will feel the cream quickly melt and absorb into the skin. Compared to other creams, Omorovicza Queen Cream has a smoother and more cottony texture. I used it as a moisturizer during the day, before I put on makeup. Each time I use it, I apply a pea-sized amount to both my face and the skin under my chin.

Omorovicza Queen Cream Review
My Review Of Omorovicza Queen Cream

First, the texture of the product is softer than I thought. It's like whipped cream. Omorovicza Queen Cream does not have a strong scent like regular products, which makes me feel comfortable when using it. After two weeks of using Omorovicza Queen Cream. My dry skin feels so much younger and smoother. I only need to take a small amount of this cream every day and get satisfactory results. Although it is claimed to contain a complex of seed oils, this cream does not clog the skin. It really is a perfect primer.

This cream makes my skin softer without being greasy. The primer and powder adhere better, without leaving my skin rough or patchy. This leaves me with naturally radiant skin and minimal blemishes.

Omorovicza Queen Cream Review

After 4 weeks of use, I feel that the effect of Omorovicza Queen Cream's on my skin is quite good. Some of my previously dull skin areas have recovered 80%. My skin is soothed, nourished, supple, and radiant. For an extra boost, I love using this cream after cleansing my skin with Queen Cleanser. As a result, my skin is nourished, is much softer and smoother. I feel the dirt has been thoroughly removed from the pores. I will definitely be using the Omorovicza Queen duo for a long time. If your skin is in a state of dryness and is exposed to a lot of dirt, try this product right away.

Once a week, I make sure to use Omorovicza Blue Diamond Resurfacing Peel. It is one of the gentlest peels I have tried. Any products I use afterward or during the week work better when I use this peel regularly. Also, Acid Fix is another staple I use after cleansing and before my serum or moisturizer. It keeps the flakiness and dullness away.

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