U Beauty Winter Skin Essentials

U Beauty Winter Skin Essentials

U beauty skincare products are at the forefront of my 2024 winter skincare routine, and here is why you will want these three gems to yours!

U Beauty Winter Skin Essentials

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Barrier Bioactive Treatment

The immortal jellyfish originally inspired the Barrier bioactive treatment and its restorative talents. The highly concentrated overnight cream uses a unique blend of bioactive marine ingredients to boost skin renewal, resulting in visibly softer and firmer skin. (full review here)

U Beauty Barrier Bioactive Treatment Review

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Key benefits of the treatment include:

  • Deeply restore moisture levels.
  • Promotes a healthy barrier function.
  • Promotes natural skin renewal
  • Smoothes out rough or dull skin.
  • Suitable for every skin type, including reactive skin.

Return Eye Concentrate

U Beauty Return Eye Concentrate Review

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The return eye concentrate is a complete contouring treatment that targets oxidative stress and free-radical imbalance around the eyes. This lightweight eye serum targets signs of aging (fine lines and wrinkles) and tiredness (such as puffiness and dark circles). Full review here.

Key benefits of the eye concentrate include:

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines + wrinkles.
  • Puffiness due to tiredness and stress.
  • Fades discoloration around the eye contour.
  • Smoothes uneven texture.

Plasma Lip Compound in the shade of Shanghai

U Beauty Plasma Lip Compound in Shanghai Review

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The Plasma lip compound is a lip-repairing treatment that plumps and perfects the lip contour. Using a 3D pillow effect, this tinted lip balm instantly locks in hydration while adding the shade of your choice. (full review here)

My favourite shade is a vibrant red called Shangai. The plasma lip compound has a light coverage that can be slightly built to achieve a blushed lip.

Key benefits of Plasma Lip Compound include:

  • Adds volume to the lips.
  • Smoothes out the lips.
  • Improves lip texture.
  • Restores moisture levels within the lips
  • Beautiful shine and shades.

My Review

This magical U beauty skin care trio is part of my daily morning routine. I have been using the barrier bioactive cream and eye concentrate for over two months now and swear by them for the colder seasons. The cream instantly comforts my skin and has improved my moisture levels and skin texture. I love how it absorbs quickly and the beautiful scent it has. I recommend the lip compound treatments to those who love to add a shade of color to their lips but struggle with dry or cracking lips and need comfort.

Where To Buy It?

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