Facial and Sothys Purchase

Facial and Sothys Purchase

I have been regular with my facials since my postpartum hormonal acne, i believe that the facials had a big role in clearing up my acne. After about 2-3 weeks postpartum, i had the worst ever acne of my life on my face, most of it on the cheeks, lower jawline and the upper part of my neck. I tried countless products, even high end one's, not even considering the prices. The acne had made me stop looking at the mirror, i really felt depressed due to it.

I used to have facials every 1-2 months but this time it never came to my mind that i didn't get a chance to go for a facial since last 3-4 months due to my schedule after delivery and new baby. I went to India for my brother's wedding after my baby's 2 month vaccination and there i had my Mom to look after my kids and finally i booked my appointments for Sothy's facials at Lakme Salon. Sothy's Paris is a brand originated in Paris, where it had its roots as a beauty institute and it offers a wide variety of moisturizers, eye care, skin, and body products since 1946 worldwide. The facialist usually examines your skin, ask few questions about health and diet, then she gives the options of the facials available for the particular skin concern. In the starting i took facial every 2 weeks for 2 months. It drastically improved my skin. I think it was the massage and the products used to combat my acne and improve blood circulation that helped. They have different steps in the facial for different products and skin concerns.

Then, it was time to come back home. I was back in Canada and here i googled and found salon that had Sothy's near my home. I have been regular with facials, every 6-7 weeks and i just love them. It is the best me-time i get these days to pamper myself and be back to my senses after work and 2 little kids at home.


My pregnancies have made me love my skin, hair and body more and more, so i just love to find and use good products. Above is something i bought during my last facial trip from Sothy's and i will be using it after i finish off with my current serum.

Have you tried this serum, let me know if it worked for you?